Oracle cards have been around for a long time and are an ancient time honoured way to connect with the universe for spiritual guidance.

Have you ever wondered if a flower had a message for you, what it would say?

Flowers have messages of guidance to help you with your needs and desires.  Sometimes we find that a particular flower catches our eye, we seem to see it everywhere we go. There is a reason, the flower wants you to pay attention to the message it has for you.

A personal Flower Guidance Reading can be of great support when you are feeling troubled or facing challenges in your life. It can bring you comfort with guidance, giving you direction and healing, helping to clear blockages you may have bringing clarity on your next steps or action to take.

Each image of a flower in this card deck has been captured with the powerful energy that it holds.  Each card has a colour photo of a flower, along with a loving message connected to that particular flower’s signature energy.

Your one to one Flower Card Reading will last between 30-45 minutes and consist of an intuitive three card reading, based on the energy I feel from you.

Flowers have a way of bringing up the most important thing you need to work on at a particular time in your life.  You may come to me with an issue you want to make a decision on, the flowers may lead you to work on another area of your life that you need to focus on which will lead you to find the answer to what you have come today to work on.
The messages of guidance you receive can help you connect with parts of you that need healing.

You will receive flower messages from the Oracle Cards chosen for you, along with intuitive guided messages I receive.

Your Flower Reading Session will be recorded, and sent to you, so you can revisit it anytime you need to.  The images of the chosen flowers will also be emailed to you to remind you of the beauty of each flower chosen along with  the messages you received.

All Flower card readings are conducted via zoom.

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My soul’s purpose is to help each person to see flowers through different eyes.  Eyes that do not see the beauty alone but the loving energy behind each flower.  Opening them up to a deeper connection to flowers, themselves and Mother Nature.