In Loving Memory

When creating flowers arrangments in memory of loved ones, my intention is set for each of the flowers used.  The energetic properties and profound wisdom of each one to be received for those it is created for.

It is from this point that my heart and soul get set to work, creating the flower arrangements where clients can feel the love poured into the creations presented to them and that they walk away feeling the energy of everything that has been transferred into the work they can see.

My intention is to have the flowers selected to bring a special meaning and energy; flowers to represent the memory of a loved one.

The White funeral wreath made with the white rose aiding a gentle transition for a loving member of the family, with white freesia's an expressing of being in our thoughts.

The Casket spray was created for the loss of a baby.  The roses indicating a mother's love.  The white rose aiding a gentle transition, whilst the blue rose for her son representing the sky.  The centre of the spray has a blue heart as a remembrance of the love felt which will remain as the flowers fade away.

A church arrangement created with Anthuriums indicating heart-felt love.  Lilac roses called Dancing Clouds as their loved one has gone to heaven, with the white rose aiding a gentle transition.  The white lily symbolises the innocence that has been restored to the soul of the departed.

A Casket Spray created to represent a mother's garden, containing all of the flowers she loved to grow.

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