Flower Therapy Healing is all about using actual flowers and their energy on and around the body.

I work with the energy of flowers, crystals, nature’s spirits and modern day shamanic energy.

During a healing session flowers could also be used to cleanse your aura or to balance out chakras to reenergise them.

Your Flower Therapy Healing Session will begin with you sitting quietly for 5-10 minutes with the flowers that will be used during your healing session. This will place you in a relaxed and centered state of mind and will give me the opportunity to pick up on your energy and how you are feeling.

Once we have had a little discussion on what I have picked up from you, you will lie down and begin your healing with the flowers. I will be intuitively guided to which flowers to use on you and on what area needs attention the most.                      
During the healing, flowers may be placed on you or around your body at particular points, if the session has taken place in person and energectically if conducted at a distance.

Whatever area of the body I am guided to work on is where I will place my concentration. During your session I may receive messages, highlighting areas in your life you may need to work on or actions that you may need to take. All information I receive will be shared with you at the end of your session.

My Flower Therapy Sessions are all about clearing your energy, leaving you feeling, relaxed, more balanced, happier with clarity on your situations and a deeper connection to you.

At this moment in time, healing sessions are conducted remotely, via zoom.

Yvette Munasinghe
The Spiritual Flower Lady

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