Intuitive Flower Healing is all about using the energy of flowers (if in person actual flowers) are placed on and around the body, to bring a relaxing, calm flow of energy, to your mind, body and soul.

Your body can become clogged by harmful chemicals that you use or ingest or it could even be through negative thoughts.  The words you speak are your diet, they can be supportive of you or the can hurt you.  

The spirit of the flowers are working with me to help your body, bringing it back into alignment.  They will guide me to which part of your body need cleansing, it could be your leg, arm, shoulder, or an organ due to the emotions that could be held there such as anger, resentment or fear.

Each session is unique and bespoke to the individual person.  I am guided in my work with the flowers to bring healing, to a part of your body that needs it.  Every flower has a message and a purpose for connecting with you.

You Flower Healing Session will begin with you sitting quietly for 5-10 minutes with flowers (if in person it will be flowers that will be used during your healing session).  It will be your way of having a little chat with the flowers which will help you to be in a relaxed state of mind and will give me the opportunity to pick up on your energy and how you are feeling.

Once we have had a discussion on what I have picked up from you, you will lay down and begin your healing with the flowers.

We will begin with a cleansing, of your energy field, then I will be intuitively guided to any part of the body that needs attention.  (This area varies from person to person.  If you have booked a programme of 3 or more sessions, you may find that I may be drawn to the same area of your body or a different one for each session ).  

During the session I work with the energy of flowers and will be guided around your body to where immediate attention is needed.  Flowers are energetically placed (physically, if done in person) around your body at particular points where healing needs to take place.  Whatever area of the body I am guided to work on is where I will focus my attention.

You may feel sensations where the flowers are being placed, this may be a fluttering feeling, the sensation of your energy moving around or an overwhelming sensation of joy or warmth.  As we are all unique in our own ways of receiving energy, the sensations felt will differ for each person. 

Throughout your session I will receive messages highlighting areas in your life you may need to work on or actions that you may need to take.  I will also be given the reasons why particular flowers are being used and why it is being placed in specific areas.  All information I receive will be shared with you are the end of your session.

The messages will be delivered to you in the same way a Flower Reading Session would, delivering the messages of guidance for your past, present and steps to take towards your future wellbeing.  This may even involve a little practice for you to connect with nature more.  There will always be a tool you take away with you, to help you in your life.

Your Flower Healing Session will be recorded for you to keep and refer to as often as you need. You will also receive an email of the images of the flowers that were came through for you during your session.

My Intuitive Flower Healing Sessions are all about you clearing your energy, leaving you feeling so much lighter, relaxed and more balanced.  You will feel much happier within yourself and will also gain clarity on particular areas in your life, that you need to focus on right now, to help you move forward, leaving you feeling a deeper connection to you. 
You will be left feeling a shift in your wellbeing, your mental state of mind and with the sensation of having had a beautiful deep sleep.

If you have booked a programme for 3 sessions your follow up session is free.

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At the moment all healing sessions are conducted remotely via zoom.

My soul’s purpose is to help each person to see flowers through different eyes.  Eyes that do not see the beauty alone but the loving energy behind each flower.  Opening them up to a deeper connection to flowers, themselves and Mother Nature.

Yvette Munasinghe
The Spiritual Flower Lady