With you in mind

My workshops were created with you in mind.  

As we walk along the pathway we call life, do you occasionally reflect on your life and wonder .......

- about the things that use to light you up.
- about the emotions that you have put in a box and placed a lid over.
- how, when you were younger, you use to live in the moment.

Working with one of Mother Nature's wonderful gifts, the flower, I run Flower Therapy Workshops in groups and on a one-on-one basis, where I ....

- Encourage people to play in Mother Nature’s playground 
and work with the energy of flowers, which moves them to 
explore what use to light them up and make them happy.
- I motivate each person, to tap into their individual 
creativity, as creativity comes in the form of many things.
- I inspire each person to turn a flicker into a flame and ignite a 
passion that they have within.

Life sometimes gets in the way of how we live, with our busy technologically driven world, our busy 9-5 work life, being a Carer, mother, wife; we wear many hats and there comes a day when we suddenly realise that something is missing we stop and think, "where has that person gone?"

I am a Flower Therapist and a certified Intuitive Flower Therapy Healer. I work with flowers and their energy and share how flowers have messages for us, that meet our needs and desires. At my workshops, I hold the space for you to .......

- Come in and forget about your worries, your past, your 
future and to concentrate on the here and now. 
- Take time out and connect with your innself. 
- Learn how to create a professional flower 
arrangement and the meaning and messages of the 
flowers you are working with. 
- Relax and become centered leaving the workshop feeling, 
euphoric, with a sense of achievement and a harmonious 
flower arrangement.

This is what we at Lomasi call the Power of Flowers.


Yvette Munasinghe
The Spiritual Flower Lady




Flower Therapy Workshop

Begin ........

By entering the Mansion where the workshop is held and be taken in by the beauty of the Georgian Mansion and its surroundings.


Shhhh .............

Some quiet time taken for a short meditation to go within and centre yourself with a chosen flower.


Creativity and connectivity .........

Time to get started on creating your flower arrangement.  You will first be guided on how to connect with flowers through a single flower meditation.  You will choose your flowers and foliage then the lesson will begin in showing you how to create your arrangement.  The main flowers for the workshop have been intuitively selected from from a card reading for the participants attending.  You will also get to know the meaning behind each flower in your arrangement.


Flower Energy ..........

At the end of your session, the energy of the flowers will leave you relaxed after connecting with your creativity. You will leave the workshop happy, recharged and full of self pride with the creation you take away. The energy of one, some or maybe even all of the flowers will resonate with you in some form. Whether it be a chakra connection, a colour, or an angelic one, I am sure you will walk away from the workshop feeling full of floral energy.



If you would like to book a Flower Therapy Session with flowers tailored for your specific needs.  Or you would like to do a workshop for private parties, team building or events please contact me for further information.