Butterfly and flower

This is a one to one, online event taking place in Zoom where you will get to learn how to connect with the energy of flowers, learn about the energy of each flower that has been chosen for you as I interpret the messages they come through for you.  You will discover which one of your pyschic abilities help you open up and connect with the energy of the flowers, as you take time out for yourself to unwind and relax your mind and gain a reconnection.

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Connect to your Intuition with the Power of Flowers

Are you in awe of the beauty of flowers?
Do they brighten up your day?
Do you ever wonder if they could speak, what they would say?

Flowers can bring the warmth of a hug in sympathy, an accolade to show love and
admiration they are also a sign of remorse without a single word spoken.

Connecting with flowers has given me a connection to myself that I never had before.  It has deepened my connection to nature by allowing me to know that there is something much deeper to what my eyes see. 

We all have a flame within us that can sometimes burn bright and there are times when our flame has become dull, small, reduced or just left as a flicker, waiting to be reignited.

My flame became a little dull and reduced to a flicker after I had my children and directed all my energy into working and bringing them up.  As the years go by we can sometimes reflect on the way things were, what used to light us up and get us excited about doing what we loved.

It is just a glitch, a little part of us that has slipped away as we journeyed through life, experiencing changes and evolving as a human being.  There will always come a time to relight our fire if we take notice of how we are feeling inside or tune into the signs that the universe send our way.

Open Up Your Abilities With The Power Of Flowers is a Session that will allow you to tap into your creativity; what it is that you need in your life right at this moment, as you begin to open up you become intuned to hear the whispers of your intuiton. 

Flowers have opened up a side of me that I had put to sleep, there used to be a time when people told me “I always had something to say” to many years when there was nothing I had to say.  I became a quiet version of me with focusing all my attention on bringing up my children and just moving through life sometimes with a sense of melancholy, feeling there was something missing.  Working with flowers and discovering that flowers have energetic healing properties and messages for us, has given me my voice back and has me singing to a different tune.  It’s a tune that connects me to my abilities, opening up my creativity and my power within.

Creativity comes in the form of many things, it could be writing, poetry, painting singing, dancing public speaking and so much more.  Tapping into your creativity is getting you to connect to yourself and do things that light you up, approaching it from another way.  For me it came in the form of Flower Workshops.  Losing that passion and fire within, can create a sense of loss, it can leave you with a sense of low self-esteem, low self-worth and a dip in your personal power. 

Flowers have a way of .........

🌸Sparking off a sense of nostalgia.
🌸Enhancing your mood and lifting your spirits as it catches your attention with its beauty.
🌸Bringing a sense of relaxation and calmness into your life.
🌸It has a way of getting you to hear the whispers of your intuition.

“Open Up Your Abilities With The Power of Flowers”, has been taken from a section of my Flower Therapy Workshop and adapted to be held in Zoom, it’s a way to help you connect with Mother Nature's beautiful flowers. 

In the Session you will .....

🌸Take an hour out of your day to connect to nature in a different way.
🌸Bring the energy of nature into your home, through Zoom.
🌸Connect you with the energy that flowers hold through a picture that speaks a thousand words.
🌸Get intuitive flower guidance, as we receive the messages from the flowers and from your intuition.

As a certified Flower Healer, I will hold the space for you in the Session with the energy of flowers and the spirits of nature.  You will see what it feels like to connect with the energy that the flowers provide which is more than the beauty you see with your eyes.  I will teach you the technique of a guided single flower meditation, where I will guide you to a connection with the flower, as you feel the energy, you begin to feel your senses opening up, connecting you to the energy of the flower and the message that mother nature has for you.  This gets you to her the what your intuition is trying to tell you as well. 

What is intuition; it's the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.

It is also the thing that resides inside of you that gives you guidance and lets you know when something isn't all that it seems to be.  It's that gut feeling that you get.

🌸It's that idea that pops up in your head and gets you thinking "wow, that's a good idea, I should do that". 
🌸It's that little voice that tells you to give someone a call or pay them a visit as their name keeps popping up in your mind.
🌸It's that funny feeling you get inside your tummy when you feel something is not quite what it seems to be.

This flower connection will give you a chance to .....

🌸Quietened down your mind and silenced the noise in your head to hear what thought was most important to you right now. 
🌸Acknowledge and take action on that idea that popped up into your head because it opened the door for someone who needed to work with you. 
🌸Connecting with your intuition gets you to connect to that flame that burns within helping you to connect to it in a different way. 

Your intuition plays a part in your life that, can have a reaction in the lives of others.  You may not realise it until you act on it.

Creativity brings a connection to your soul, when you are in the flow of creation you open yourself up to self-expression, releasing the emotions that make you feel good about yourself, raising your vibration and self-esteem. 

Treat yourself to some ME TIME.

Just as the hummingbird knows the sweetness of the flower lies within, you too can delve in and feel your creativity flourish once again as you reignite your flower.

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