I had a flower healing session with Yvette this week, and it’s exactly what I needed. I was able to relax, transmute, and release some heavy energy that I usually struggle to let go of. It was so therapeutic to let Yvette’s voice and the energy of flowers surround me. Seeing yourself in your minds eye covered in flowers of all types, is quiet a sight to behold! The flowers reminded me to trust the work I am doing, simplify my life, because I have been punishing myself with too much on my shoulders, and that my Grandma is with me so strongly. I even had forget-me-nots, a flower that will forever be synonymous with her, flying out of my hands. Thank you Yvette for your time and energy in this healing session!


Thank you for your session this morning .

I don’t I feel comfortable with speaking about myself or how I feel.

When you have been working for over 25 years, and all of a sudden you are made redundant from a job you’ve been doing since leaving school it’s a blow to your self-esteem and confidence. Having to start all over again , meeting new people is daunting.  It’s been 9 years since being made redundant, and the feeling hasn’t left me. I’ve had contract work but it’s not the same.  As I said before, there’s nowhere to go and no one to speak to. Everything is over the internet! No human contact. Is there an organisation out there who can help people who are in the 50-60 age group get back on the employment ladder? The Job Centre funded by the government is a waste of time, they think everyone wants to sponge and claim benefits. It just feels like we are the forgotten generation.

Speaking to you this morning has helped me to re-evaluate things currently going on in my life and what I need to think about. I must say,  I was taken aback by you talking about the colours yellow, white and orange, to think I have those colours in my front room, it was comforting to know that I’m not surrounded by negativity. We go through life thinking everything is okay, and It will all come good in the end, but If you don’t help yourself nothing will change.

Writing down a list of things you wish to achieve is a great idea and it works!

I look forward to speaking to you again.


My reading with Yvette was absolutely amazing. She is such a kind heart, making it very easy to open up to her. She shared so much valueable insight. I was amazed at what she could uncover from the flower energies. I left my session feeling uplifted and excited about life (which was far different than I felt before the reading). She also recorded everything and shared the voice file with me so I could review it later. Thank you so much Yvette, you’re a truly gifted and amazing person. Much love.


Yvette, the Flower Lady, did a 3 card reading for me this morning. We had not text before the reading except to make the appt. All 3 cards were on point!! She explained every card in detail and very patiently. I am very grateful for your reading and advice Yvette!!πŸŒΈπŸ’“πŸŒΊ


Yvette is very talented flower essence card reader. Her passion and her gift of reading and working with flowers is amazing. I would highly recommend her card reading.


I contacted Yvette to arrange some table centre pieces for a reception for a wake.  My requirements were very high level i.e. something in a container and portable which could be given away at the end of the evening, with a specific colour included.  Everything else was left to Yvette’s creativity.  What I received was a beautiful oasis of greenery with lilac roses and rosemary (my own knowledge of flowers is limited so I didn’t even know lilac roses existed!).  Yvette took care of all the arrangements and delivery and ensured everything was in place prior to the arrival of the funeral party which meant I didn’t have to worry about anything.  I couldn’t have asked for anything better.  In the end, more people asked for the flowers at the end than we had, but those people we did give them to, absolutely loved them.

I have no hesitancy in recommending Yvette for your floral tributes and arrangements.



Dear Yvette, On behalf of everyone at Link Age Southwark, I’d like to say a massive thank you for so kindly doing the flowers for the gala dinner.

The arrangements were absolutely beautiful as demonstrated by the amount of people taking them home at the end of the night! The remaining ones were given to some of the older people attending one of our activity groups the next day which they were delighted with.

We’re so grateful to you for donating your time to help us with this event and making it so special. We’ll remember it for many years to come.

Link Age Southwark


Yvette Munasinghe is a Spiritually Gifted, flower card reader who embraces her Divine wisdom as it pertains to the energies of one of nature’s most magnificent gifts-flowers. 
Recently, I was blessed with winning a contest she ran in her private Facebook group and was AMAZED at the information and Spiritual insight that she offered me in a face to face meeting on Zoom. 
Yvette was spot on in my reading and told me what flowers I should plant now to come up in the spring, when my gifts will all come to fruition, in a big way!!! 
Yvette has a gentle elegance about her and her energy reflects this in a most profound way. One can’t help but be fully present when she speaks with her knowledge, wisdom and insight. 
If you have not worked directly w Yvette, it is time to give yourself that special gift.
I promise you that this lovely lady delivers; you will be forever changed in the way you gaze upon one of nature’s most glorious gifts to earth. I now look at flowers with a yearning to know more about them and their messages that they have to offer us.
Thank you Yvette! You are AWEsome!!!!!

Joan Tomlin


Your healing session gave me clarity on my subconscious thoughts.  You pinpointed my non beliefs and provided advice on the way forward.  

It feels like you cleared and realigned my third eye chakra as I can still feel it spinning clockwise, which I have never felt before.  After the session I felt very relaxed and clear.

July 2018



My Flower Therapy Healing Session made me accept that I couldn't control everything and to let nature take it's course.

I felt relaxed and the flower cards give me something to remember when I start having doubts.  My house smelt of the incense which was a reminder too.

June 2018



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Review on Flower Therapy Workshop 


"I loved my workshop experience.  It helped me explore my creative side and now I'm happy to buy flowers I love and arrange them myself; not as good as a profressional but with more practice it will be.  I'm glad I took part and with the help of a good tutor, with patience, I really enjoyed it".

S Thomas


"Yvette created a fabulous ‘Bra of Flowers’ as a showpiece for my recent Bra-fitting event. The result was beautiful and really eye-catching! The flowers lasted for several days during and after the event. I was truly delighted with the service and the creative way that Yvette met the brief. I would highly recommend Lomasi to anyone who needs interesting and original floral displays for any occasion.’  

Amanda Richardson

Yvette had done an absolutely amazing floral design for a friend's event and as I had an upcoming workshop, I asked her to create something for me. It was a difficult time of year for flowers in the colours I needed, but Yvette managed to source some great foliage and flowers, which combined to make a stunning piece for my room. The hotel staff even commented on it. Conference rooms can be very impersonal and stark, but something as simple as a floral display can really improve the look and feel of your event.     ‘Louise Cardon, Damsels in Success, Croydon'  

Louise Cardell - Damsels In Success

Absolutely fabulous, simple design, always best.  Great Valentine arrangement". 

A Manning