Inner Child Healing

What Is Inner Child Healing? 

Healing the inner child is going back to heal the past.  Sometimes facing the shadows of our past is the only way to move forward.

What we are told and what occurs in our childhood years, become ingrained in our minds and stay with us as we become adults.  We can sometimes reach a point in our lives where we find ourselves at a crossroad, not knowing which way to go, we feel stuck or like something is missing.

Healing our inner child can help resolve the issues we are facing now in our adult lives.  The work we need to do with your inner child would involve connecting with them to work on what needs to be healed.

Forgiving people, traumas and incidents of our past plays an important part in the healing.  Looking back and facing our childhood memories is key in helping us, in learning to heal and let go, helping us to move forward in life.

Transition Of The Inner Child

This is a four week programme to help you reconnect with your inner child to gain clairty and to help you move through what is happening in your life right now.  It will be looking at your situation to a likeness of a flower, from the roots to when you heal and blossom.

Together we work on what your inner child needs, is it healing?  A reconnection?  Or it maybe just to acknowledge a time in your life you have closed the door on and things haven’t been resolved.

Sometimes you can be in a situation in your life when you don't really understand why you are feeling a certain way.  Do you have the feeling like you are stuck and unable to move forward?  Are you feeling like there is something about you that’s is missing, or you need to reconnect to yourself?  It may feel like a flame inside you has gone out or is just a flicker waiting to be reignited.

Many changes occur as you move through life, you grow older feeling that you have to take life a little more serious as you gain responsibilities.  Life can get in the way, you become so busy, maybe building your career, having children, taking care of your family, that you forget to connect with YOU.

In our sessions together I am intuitively guided to what is at the forefront of your mind, it is the root of the situation; It may not be what you think it is.  As we begin our reading it will lead us to what has gone on in your past that you may have turned your back on or placed in a box and put a lid over.  When things are not addressed in your past they eventually rise to the surface, causing a trigger in your life that needs to be looked at, healed or acknowledged and addressed. It could have been something that you were told to stop doing as a child that used to make you happy but society or your parents didn’t understand it and told you to stop.

After working on your past, we focus our attention on what is needed in this present time of your life, shoots of your childhood, this is where you will now begin to understand why you feel the way you do, or how the situation you are in has come about.  With the messages of guidance, I receive, we begin to work on what you need to do in order to move through this stage in your life, inviting you take action steps to continuing working on the past but in this present time.  This takes us to what your future can look like and what messages of guidance I receive for you to get you to that better place.

These 1 hourly sessions will be over 3 weeks, with the fourth week as a follow up session to see how you have blossomed,  You will steadily see your buds appear, how they heal and open and build you up, awakening you to your original state of mind, raising your self-esteem and reigniting a passion within you. Every session will be worked on in the same way, enabling you to see your growth, with guidance, suggestions and tools to help you move through this period in your life, looking at and dealing with the shadowy part of your life.

All this healing and guidance is done through the energy of the flowers working through me. The spirit of flower knows exactly what it is you need and delivers that message to me for you to receive and through my spirit guides you receive the healing you need.

At the end of each of your sessions you will receive images of the flowers that came up for you, a recording for you to listen to as often as you need, reminding you of what was discussed and a collage at the end of the three weeks of all the flowers that came up for you, to reflect on as and when you need to.

This four week programme will help you to blossom into who you truly are, taking you on a journey to a deeper connection to YOU and reigniting your flame.

Week one - Roots - Connecting to what it is that your inner child needs.

Week two - Shoots - Begin to recgonise the change in yourself, a growth in your confidence and self-esteem.

Week three - Buds - Feel that sense of empowermnet and the renewed excitement towards your life.
Week four - Blossom - Recognising your growth and the valuable insight gained..

Book Your Session
(the fourth session comes free if you book all 3 sessions together).  4 weekly instalments of £86.25 can be paid to spread your cost (please contact me for further details).
My soul’s purpose is to help each person to well ness and see flowers through different eyes.  Eyes that do not see the beauty alone but the loving energy behind each flower.  Opening them up to a deeper connection to flowers, themselves and Mother Nature.